New Year’s Evaluation: 10 Points to a Better Business Brand

better business brandYour brand is the image of your business that facilitates a connection with your customers and prospects. More importantly, it is branding that keeps you in their minds, so it is your business they think of when a need arises. Think of it as an umbrella idea that carries the look and feel of your business through all your marketing and sales efforts. It makes sense then, that a better business brand means a better business.

Unfortunately, many business owners consider their branding strategy only when they first start in business and sometimes when they make a major change in their business. However, the thoroughness of that consideration is often shallow and therefore, inconsistent in practice.

Here are 10 key points for having a brand that makes it hard for the right prospect to resist you. Consider these points to help you evaluate how well your brand is presenting your business. As you review each point, take notes that explain HOW you know this to be true or untrue for you. It helps to engage this evaluation as a conversation with key stakeholders in your business to ensure multiple points of view and multiple perspectives on the evidence of each point in your business. If you have a business, leadership, or transitions coach – DO include that person in your process. Your coach can create powerful questions that will help dig deeper into what you know about and want for your business.

10 Powerful Steps to a Better Business Brand

How true are these statements for you?

  1. I have a business vision and mission. My brand is based on this and is consistent and comprehensive.
  2. I have identified colors for my brand and I know how those colors support my business mission. I use these colors consistently wherever my business engages customers and prospects.
  3. My business name relates to my branding and is easy to remember and spell. I own a domain name related to my branding.
  4. I know my target audience and how my brand appeals to them. I can articulate not only demographic information but also character traits that make them ideal clients for me and my brand.
  5. I know the businesses whose products and/or services may look similar to mine – and I know how my brand and my offerings are different. I know what makes me unique and why my clients purchase from me. I can articulate this knowledge from my customer’s perspective.
  6. I have a logo that is consistent with my brand, includes my colors, and is simple and clear. I use it everywhere my brand is represented.
  7. I have a tagline for my brand that highlights how my business is distinct, adds clarity and meaning to what my business offers, and is memorable both in print as part of my conversations in networking opportunities.
  8. My brand has a personality that I have described with a list of characteristics. This personality is aligned with my own personality so that it builds connection with my audience. I feel very comfortable with my brand’s personality and have no trouble representing it with other people.
  9. Every medium that I use for marketing (social media channels, website, blog, email, printed materials, signage, tradeshow displays, etc.) contains elements of my brand, which are all are consistent with its overall message and personality.
  10. My brand is recognized on its own, so my business is known at a glance by the people who need what I offer.

If you find some opportunities for exploration or improvement in a few areas, spend some time thinking about those working with your stakeholders on building a better business brand for the new year. Make a resolution to revisit your brand quarterly as part of your overall strategic business planning.

Reach out for help from a coach. Did you know that every person who is at the top of their game, in any industry, is working or has worked with a coach? You already have what it takes to succeed, and your coach can help you get where you are going even faster than you can on your own.

Knowing, and using, your brand informs everything you create in your business. With solid, consistent branding, you’re likely to find it easier to build trust and attract the right clients to your business. One more tip – If it is worth doing, it’s worth having a place on your calendar, so don’t just put this evaluation on your to-do list, give it time in your schedule!


Doreen Petty’s content derived from and used under license, © Claire Communications

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