Coach2As a business owner, organization leader, or people manager, do you notice that you can improve the performance of others by coaching them on the job? Who coaches you? Coaching is not something anyone can “sell” you. Rather, it is something in which you choose to invest when you decide the time and circumstances are right for you, your business, and/or your personal life.

Coaching helps by creating a partnership of facilitation. As a coach, I use various tools and techniques to help you accelerate progress with your goals faster and more effectively than you can on your own. Regardless of whether your needs involve setting better goals, making better decisions, solving problems, building and delivering on action plans, growing skills, or changing behaviors, coaching takes you to a new level of possibilities

As a business owner, leader, or manager of people, you likely collect information before making decisions. The decision for coaching should be no different. The information on this site should help you understand how coaching can serve you. We offer three categories of coaching services to meet the varying needs of our clients.

At Your Service

1) Coaching Subscriptions:

Having access to a coach on a regular basis means different things to different people. A business owner may hire a coach to learn the most effective way for her to make decisions. An organization manager might want to understand himself better to improve his relationships with employees. A high-potential employee might want more control over her career growth. A small business owner might want someone to hold him accountable for setting and achieving goals. Anyone might seek to find more balance between work and personal life. The job of a coach is to be unconditionally supportive in helping people achieve goals and dreams, wants and expectations.

In any case, working with a coach means you set the right goals and reach them faster and more effectively. Doreen Petty Coaching is committed to offering coaching services at prices you can afford.

Coaching subscriptions are documented agreements between you and Doreen Petty Coaching, which set the stage for helping you get what you want from life. Because people’s needs are as different as the goals they set, we offer subscriptions for one, two, three, or four hour-long sessions per month. Each subscription includes up to four additional “booster shots,” which are short phone calls or e-mails to address immediate issues you may be facing.

What do you want? When you are ready to get started, call us for a free consultation.

2) Leader Competency Assessments:

Coach1What does it mean to be a good leader, or a great leader? There is plenty of research that says leadership competencies may be embedded in personality traits. Plenty of other research indicates that leadership can be nurtured through behavioral training. Still other studies claim evidence that both nature and nurture play a part in predicting great leadership. Here at DPC, we hold that there are personality factors that make leadership qualities appear innate, but that factors associated with emotional intelligence, thinking styles, decision making styles, and behavioral traits all play a part in the final tally of what makes a great leader. The good news is that while personality is relatively stable over a lifetime, all other factors mentioned above can be learned and mastered through awareness and practice.

In assessing leadership competencies, we look at all of these factors as well as multi-rater feedback instruments to assess current performance as a leader. Then, we work with you to understand the assessment results, help you choose action plans for optimizing effective behaviors, and coach you through the action planning until subsequent assessments show growth. In the end, you learn how to think like a better leader and choose behaviors that are most effective within your environment.

3) Self Awareness (C.A.B. Map):

Self-awareness is paired with other-awareness, both of which are important factors in leadership competence and interpersonal interactions. Being self-aware means understanding how and why one thinks and behaves in certain ways, in certain situations. Paired with other-awareness, it means also understanding how one is perceived by others, in real time. With self- and other-awareness, you can learn to modify your behaviors to manage perceptions during interpersonal interactions – making every encounter more productive and meaningful.

Understanding oneself starts with an understanding of what makes up who we are, and how the world sees us. We all interact with the world through cognitive, affective, and behavioral processes (C.A.B.) – we think, we feel, and we act. Our behaviors are what other people see. In order to better manage our behaviors, we must control how we translate thoughts and feelings into actions.

DPC conceptualizes ‘self’ in terms of a C.A.B Map. Your C.A.B. Map will get you to a destination, but unless you are paying attention, your destination may not be what you expected and it may cost you more time and money to get there. Assessing your C.A.B Map involves exploring personality traits, thinking style, conflict management, critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, decision making, and behavior traits.

Once these factors are assessed, you will work with a coach to understand the results and explore how your C.A.B. Map drives, and even predicts, your behaviors. With this understanding, you may choose to continue coaching to help create and work through development plans. Call or Contact Us now to get started with a free consultation.