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Energy attracts like energy.

Through the initial theories of Albert Einstein, to the Quantum physicists who changed our view of life, we know a few things:

  1. Physical objects, including human beings, are actually made up of subatomic particles of moving, vibrating energy.
  2. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle reveals that, as our perception of an object changes, the object itself literally changes. As we look at an object, we interact with it. We emit light, and thought, which are both forms of energy, which affect what we observe permanently.  
  3. We create our realities, based on our perceptions. Your perceptions create your energy level and that creates the world you know.

There are 7 levels of energy, consciousness, or awareness, and leadership. Your unique mix of energy levels in times of stress and in your normal day-to-day life comprises all of those energy levels in varying degrees of strength and influence.

What can be true for you if you could know what is foundational to your thoughts, feelings, and actions? How much control would you have in your life if you could choose how you show up?

The Energy Leadership Index™ is an attitudinal assessment designed to give you an in-depth understanding of your energy profile, so you can take control of how you show up in the world.

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What is Stopping You?

Imagine that you are on a path to getting something you want – it might be a new job, a new home, a cross-country move, a romantic partner, a better relationship with people in your life, or anything else.

You feel committed to and are making progress toward obtaining this thing. Then one day, a barrier is in your way. The barrier is a pile of what looks like debris. It’s huge: you can’t quite see a way to the top of the pile and the width also extends beyond your direct view. What happens next depends on your energy . . .

Energy Level 1 (Victim Mindset): The debris looks familiar. You’ve seen it before and it drops you where you stand. There is no way around it. You feel helpless. You can only wait for someone to clear it away, but you have no real hope. It is no use, you simply turn away with a belief that you never get what you want, so what’s the use? 

Level 2 (Angry Heart): The pile of debris makes you angry. You think, "how dare anyone put such a thing in my way?" You start pulling pieces from the pile without really seeing them – throwing them to the side so hard that they hit other people and break things, but you don’t care. When that doesn’t work, you start climbing and your rage is palpable. There is nothing more important than getting to your goal. Unfortunately, the process of getting past the pile leaves you injured internally. In the end, you find that the process has changed the people around you – they are not as supportive and admiring as you expected. You blame them and the debris itself for your all your difficulties.

Level 3 (Responsible Justifier): You assume the debris was not left on purpose. Someone must have thought it was a good place to pile it up. They just didn’t know you needed to pass there. So, you set aside any annoyance and start working on a plan to move the debris. Maybe you can hire an earth mover or other equipment to help. Maybe you can dig a tunnel. One way or another, you stay focused on getting past the debris, so you can continue your journey. Maybe others will benefit from the cleared path, too, and that’s ok.

Level 4 (Compassionate Helper): At the debris pile, you find others already trying to get past the barrier. Not everyone sees the barrier the same as you. That doesn’t matter as you offer assistance, using your resources to focus on helping others find a safe way past the barrier. You find that the urgency around reaching your own goals fade into the background as you help people. You feel a great sense of satisfaction in helping everyone else get through the barrier.

Level 5 (Peaceful Acceptance): As you find others trying to get through the barrier, you become focused on accessing and using all available resources to clear the debris pile or find a way through it, for you and everyone else. You become an inspiration to others and everyone works together to clear away the debris pile. Soon, the path is clear and the everyone moves forward together. The experience was so enjoyable for everyone that it seems obvious that you should work on any future barriers together, too.

Level 6 (Joyful Heart): As you approach the debris pile, you don’t see it as an obstacle in your path. Instead, you are intrigued by the pile and in awe of its size and scope. The collective beauty and purpose of every piece of debris draws your interest. You set aside your goal of getting past it. Instead, you enjoy the moment, exploring your connection to the pile and feeling joyful in the experience.

Level 7 (Guru Mindset): You see the pile, not as a barrier but as simply something that is – not something to be judged or conquered. The debris is both everything and nothing. You move through the debris pile as easily as you walked up to it. You and the pile are completely whole and undisturbed by the experience.

This analogy is an interpretation of the copyrighted work of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and Bruce D. Schneider, developer of Energy Leadership™ and founder of iPEC.


What Responses Feel Familiar?

Imagine that the pieces of debris in the pile are your expectations, memories, and past experiences. How might they be stopping you? 

Which of these levels expresses how you show up in the face of barriers or obstacles to your goals?  Chances are, your response would be a mix of the responses in the analogy. 

The reality is that everyone shows up with a mix of 7 levels of energy in everything they do. You already have the power to choose the energy that will best serve your needs in any situation. The trick is in knowing yourself well enough to recognize your energy levels. 

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